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BrightBlue Marketing is made up of a team of people supporting a vision for a full service marketing agency full of fun, bright ideas, positive attitudes, extraordinary customer service and whose purpose is to help businesses and their partners grow.

BrightBlue Marketing Team

Candace Lopez-Miller
Founder and Creative Managing Director

Candace Lopez-Miller founded BrightBlue Marketing, Inc. in 2005 and leads the company as CEO and Creative Managing Director.
Her past employment includes tenure as national director of the channel marketing team at Oracle Corporation. Prior to Oracle, she built and led the professional services marketing team while managing the Corporate Events team for Software Spectrum.

Candace has served on the Board of Directors as the Executive Vice President of Programs and Events for the American Marketing Association Dallas-Fort Worth chapter and of Bridge of Blessings, a North Texas non-profit organization financially assisting cancer patients. Candace is also a member of the Collin County Community College Advisory Council for Business Management and Marketing.

Candace is co-owner and state contract license holder of a second business, Air Comfort Company, the oldest air conditioning and heating company in Richardson, Texas. Candace earned a Bachelor of Science degree in advertising from the University of Texas in Austin.

Candace's Story

"Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far."
- Theodore Roosevelt

I was raised in a loud world.
I am not loud.

All my life I've had to find ways to get heard without raising my voice.

What I've learned is louder is not always better. Finding creative, smart and sometimes subtle ways to express myself have helped people hear me above the din.

I apply my experience and means of expression to today's world. BrightBlue quietly utilizes smart marketing, creative campaign techniques and consistent messaging to stand out among the noise, clutter and advertisements. And that's a bright idea worth shouting about.

Melissa Womack
Marketing Director/Virtual CMO

Melissa Womack is an experienced, entrepreneurial business leader. For more than 20 years, she has successfully started and managed new business units and launched new products. She spent ten years with Sabre in Product Marketing, and was a co-founder of Travelocity, one of the leading travel brands on the Internet. She spent 10 years with Software Spectrum in Marketing and Business Development, managing the merger with Insight Enterprises and subsequently retiring in 2008 as Senior Vice President.

As the Marketing Director and Virtual CMO at BrightBlue Marketing, she works directly with key accounts in crafting their messages, developing strategic plans and creating website visions. Melissa has an MBA from University of Texas at Dallas.

Melissa's Story

"Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others."
- Jonathan Swift

I have a vision of you succeeding. I ask you what you want, where you want to be, what you want to do. As you answer, I envision you there. I can see how you can get there even when you can't.

This is why I love to strategize and then hang around to execute. I have a history of sticking with something because I like to see it go from vision to reality. It may take twists and turns along the way, but nothing is more satisfying than making something happen because you planned it.

Rebecca Bohan
Marketing Director/Events

Rebecca heads up BrightBlue Marketing's event division in addition to her role as a Virtual Chief Marketing Officer (VCMO) for our clients. Rebecca's background includes expertise in Oracle Partner Marketing, and she works directly with key accounts in crafting their messages, developing strategic plans, branding and creative website visions. She successfully ran an entire marketing department for an Oracle Certified Partner while working closely with the Oracle team to enhance the partner's offerings around Oracle. In 2002, Rebecca established her own strategic marketing events and consulting firm that included some of the following clients and accomplishments: DARC Corporation, BrightBlue Marketing, Magnetic Office Products, Operation PUSH, City Year, 3L Corporation and WebMD. She partnered, directed and managed client event logistics for the quarterly Oracle North Central User Group (NCOAUG), OAUG and Oracle OpenWorld annual conferences. Rebecca's career also includes the role of International Project Director for Samsung for the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Rebecca teamed up with BrightBlue Marketing in 2005. Highlights include acting as the VCMO for Fujitsu America where she led the BrightBlue Marketing team in branding and marketing their new service offering worldwide. She also created the new member marketing and communication plan for Oracle's HCM User Groups' conference in 2009.

Rebecca's Story

"Happiness gives us the energy which is the basis of health."
- Henri-Frederic Amiel

I have been described by many as having "endless" energy. It is my belief that being physically, spiritually and mentally active is a necessity in life. This mindset has assisted me through many of life's challenges, keeps me balanced and affords me the ability to keep up with my large family, friends and community. BrightBlue Marketing's Team shares this philosophy, and our clients get the benefit of our energy so that we can create exciting, memorable materials, programs and events. And have a little fun while we are at it!

Tracey Jackson
Marketing Manager

Tracey Jackson is the Marketing Manager and Lead Copywriter for BrightBlue Marketing, Inc. She brings a wealth of marketing, communications and writing experience to the team. Tracey's past employers include Software Spectrum, CIGNA, Worldwide Relocation Management and EMS, Inc. At Software Spectrum, Tracey served as project manager for on-site corporate events which included responsibility for the marketing budgets and partnering with all levels of management within Software Spectrum, Microsoft and IBM.

Tracey is the co-founder of the Austin Food Allergy Parents Support Group and is a PTA Board Member at her son's school. She lives with her family in Austin, TX. Tracey has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing with a dual minor in English writing and literature from Texas Christian University.

Tracey's Story

"Put it before them briefly so they will read it, clearly so they will appreciate it, picturesquely so they will remember it, and above all, accurately so they will be guided by its light."
- Joseph Pulitzer

I love to read; books, websites, newspapers, cereal boxes. If it’s got words on it, I’m gonna read it. I feel that being an avid reader makes me a better writer. When I read an especially elegant turn of phrase, or hear a song lyric that speaks volumes with few words, I am transported and I learn from it.

I try to bring my love of reading and writing to the BrightBlue table and use the power of well-chosen words for the benefit of our clients.

Andrea Lamarsaude
Marketing Manager

Andrea brings more than 20 years of marketing experience to BrightBlue. A native of Dallas with a bicultural French/American background, she has extensive marketing communications knowledge gained from working in a variety of settings, from startup to Fortune 500 companies, in the U.S., Europe, Africa, and Asia, including Texas Instruments and Alcatel. Andrea holds a BBA (specializing in marketing) from Southern Methodist University, international management accreditation from INSEAD University, and professional certification - received via Alcatel's leadership training program - from the Ecole de Management Lyon in France.

She is Vice President of Special Interest Groups for the DFW American Marketing Association and will serve as Executive Vice President - Programs on the 2010-11 board.

Andrea's Story

"Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing."
- John D. Rockefeller

I love being able to channel my energy, imagination and communication talents into creating strong, creative and effective marketing communication tools designed to build awareness and business for your company.

I am fortunate to have been able to work with marketing communication teams around the world in developing a variety of successful programs. I enjoy channeling my knowledge and experience into BrightBlue Marketing's clients' projects. You have a fantastic product or service that will provide a great benefit to your clients...let us show YOU how to show it off!

Erik Swanson
Graphic Designer

Erik began working with BrightBlue Marketing in 2005, designing the BrightBlue logo, business card template and website. He provides graphic design and art direction for many of BrightBlue Marketing’s clients. Erik has worked both for advertising agencies and in-house corporate creative departments. He spent 14 years as Senior Art Director at Software Spectrum, where he did award-winning work for clients like Microsoft and IBM. Erik holds a Bachelor of Art degree from the University of North Texas and has had work published in Communication Arts magazine.

Erik's Story

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."
- Degas

What do I most like to design? Album covers—my own, of course. The creative mind finds ways to express itself. In my case, it’s through graphic design and music. Some ideas are best expressed visually, others are more abstract and emerge as a melody or series of chord changes. Either way, it all comes from the same place and the same energy. My goal is to funnel that energy and vision for the benefit of BrightBlue’s clients, creating visual rhythm and harmony that brings brands to life and which distinguishes those brands in the marketplace. Now if I could only add dance to the mix.

Karen Lang
Graphic Designer

Karen has been working in the design and marketing industries for 14 years and has been with BrightBlue since 2008. She has provided graphic design solutions to a wide variety of clients, from a small chocolate shop in Iowa to Motorola and The American Heart Association.

Karen combines her artistic creativity and marketing experience to help BrightBlue’s clients stand out from the competition with smart, magnificent materials and campaigns.

Karen's Story

"Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment."
- Claude Monet

I love design. I love art. I love beautiful things. My mind is constantly swimming with visual images and creative ideas, whether I'm at my son’s soccer games or in the middle of an extensive marketing campaign. I take my ideas and run with them in my mission to grab and KEEP the attention of the audience with unforgettable flair.

Cassi Rinehart
Marketing Coordinator

Cassi began work for BrightBlue Marketing in March 2008. She provides marketing support for all employees and clients, and serves as the account manager for Sales and Marketing Executives International (SMEI). Cassi specializes in project management, event management and customer outreach through online tools. She is currently a student at University of Texas in Arlington, where she is working toward a marketing degree.

Much of Cassi’s experience comes from her involvement as General Manager of LBR Ranch, a family owned business involving educational animal exhibits at State Fairs and schools across the United States.

Cassi's Story

"Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration."
- Thomas Edison

Growing up I learned the value of hard work, much earlier than most people. Not that I was involved in child labor, but I did work with my beloved ponies (that’s a whole other story. Feel free to ask me about it!). I learned the easy way is not always the best way and sometimes you have to get creative and make your own path.

I love mountains, not because they are nice scenery, but they are a challenge put in front of us and one must find a way to get around, through or over. In the marketing world, I am surrounded by mountains of clients that challenge my creativity. And with a little bit of hard work, I get to create paths not just for myself, but for others.

Rhonda Block
Marketing Coordinator

Rhonda began work for BrightBlue Marketing in December 2008. She brings more than 10 years of experience in project management, business-to-business telemarketing & telesales, lead generation, database cleanup, and operations support. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with a BA in Psychology. She currently lives in Carrollton, Texas.

Rhonda's Story

"I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles."
- Christopher Reeve

My son is my hero. Since being diagnosed with autism at the age of 2, he has had many obstacles to overcome, and struggles with many things others may take for granted. His strength and perseverance have taught me to never give up! I am a stronger and more compassionate person because of his will and desire to learn.

We all face obstacles in life and business. Success depends on how you choose to overcome them.

Diana Christensen
Marketing Manager and Project/Event Manager

Diana Christensen has a strong background in event management having run an event management company for over 12 years. Prior to coming to BrightBlue Marketing, Diana was the Event Manager for the Metroplex Technology Business Council and the Richardson Chamber of Commerce. She oversaw and directed multiple events each month for both organizations. Diana brings years of event and project management as well as her entrepreneurial skills to BrightBlue.

In addition to supporting BrightBlue Marketing clients as the Marketing Project and Event Manager, she also is a big part of BrightBlue Marketing's business development initiative in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex and beyond.

Diana's Story

"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?" - Vincent van Gogh

I believe life should be lived to the fullest - we should love what we do and who we are with and love with all that we have within us. I enjoy life and everything I do along the way. I enjoy working with our clients and other BrightBlue team members and helping them to achieve their goals and dreams!

Partner Companies:

Blue Crossing
DCI Groups
Route to Market Partners

Advisory Board Members:

Cedric Chauvet – Global Marketing Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Larissa Gaston – Senior Manager, Partner Operations, Worldwide Sales Operations at VMware; extensive background in demand generation, channel and corporate marketing, web and design

David Harmon – Director of the Global Oracle Practice for Perot Systems; Vast knowledge of working with large global consulting firms; Expert in strategic marketing alliances that support the Oracle channel.

Rodney Joe –  Former CEO of RapidApps, Wave Consulting and Entrepreneur;  Perspective from small business owner in high tech industry; Provides technical and business expertise

Stacey Sink – Sr. Channel Marketing Manager, Oracle Corporation; Expert in sales and channel marketing

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Bridge of Blessings
Bridge of Blessings

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