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2/14/2011 - BrightBlue Marketing, Inc. Launches Virtual Marketing Outreach
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3/31/2009 - BrightBlue Marketing, Inc. Launches Marketing Practice for Oracle Partners
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11/21/2008 - BrightBlue Marketing, Inc. Announces Virtual Chief Marketing Officer™ Program
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Dallas Fort Worth American Marketing Association Chapter wins award!:
The DFW AMA Chapter was recognized by the AMA National Headquarters in Chicago. Each year, AMA Chapters are invited to compete in the Chapter Excellence Awards that measure a chapter's results for the entire year. In 2007, the DFW AMA Chapter took home honors in the following areas:
  • Membership Overall Excellence
  • Programming Special Merit
From 2006-2007 BrightBlue Marketing's Founder served on the Board of Directors as Executive Vice President of Programs and Events.

Museum of Marketing Pet Peeves:
BrightBlue Marketing continues the call for your Marketing Pet Peeves. Please email with your Marketing Pet Peeve and be added to our Marketing Museum.

Here are a few we've added to our collection:

When marketers flip-flop around and don't give their messaging and strategy a chance to take root. It takes time for a message to sink in and to make it real and meaningful and for customers to remember it. Marketers will get bored with their message and think it needs to be changed before it has time to have an impact.
Melissa Womack, SVP
Insight Enterprises

The sporadic use of low-resolution clip art and curly fonts on printed flyers.
Alison Griffin
Griffin Communication Strategies

Having to listen to the Jim Adler (ambulance-chasing lawyer) ads on TV because they are about three times louder than the rest of the programming.
Alison Griffin
Griffin Communication Strategies

E-mails with misleading subject lines that are really just selling those unsolicited pharmaceutical products.
Alison Griffin
Griffin Communication Strategies

Websites that have a lot of flash but no substance. Many times after looking through all the 'cool' parts of the website I still have no idea what the company really does. They need to have a visually pleasing website that offers easy access to the topics one wants to navigate to.
Jim David, Vice President
Ussery Printing
Past President, American Marketing Association

Loud auto sales commercial. There must be a better way - think about it - people buying new cars are fairly sophisticated and technically able. Why would they want some idiot screaming at them about a car sale?
Stacey Sink, Senior Channel Marketing Manager
Oracle Corporation

BrightBlue Marketing and DCI Groups Join Forces:
DCI Groups and BrightBlue Marketing have teamed up to provide our clients with additional event management value and expertise.

By partnering with DCI Groups, BrightBlue Marketing now offers hotel site selection and placement at no charge to you. We have relationships with hotels across the nation that allow us to provide you with special negotiated rates.

Contact BrightBlue Marketing to learn more about our new free service.

Working with Collin County College in Texas:
BrightBlue Marketing knows that community relationships are extremely valuable in business and can also contribute to personal fulfillment. BrightBlue Marketing has been asked to work with Collin County College by serving as a member on their Advisory Council for Business Management and Marketing Programs.

Additionally, BrightBlue Marketing will be presenting on April 29 to the Marketing Principles class. The title of the presentation is "Soar Above the Rest - Using your Marketing Skills in the Real World"

Newsletter Interview: A Remarkably Purple Conversation with the American Marketing Association

If anyone knows how to market purple besides BrightBlue Marketing, these guys do. Introducing Jim David and Reagan Cook.

Jim David is President of Dallas Fort Worth American Marketing Association (AMA) 500+ members. Reagan Cook is Executive Vice President of Events on the AMA Board of Directors.

Click here for the entire interview with Jim and Reagan on their perspective of a remarkable event. Why focus on events? Because Jim and Reagan agree that nothing is more effective in marketing than face-to-face marketing.
» Read more about it.

BrightBlue in the Community:

Helping Others:

BrightBlue Marketing supports the following charities:

Bridge of Blessings
Bridge of Blessings

Best Friends
Best Friends

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